Missed moment of happiness

It hurts, each missed a moment of happiness.A moment of happiness that I have earned.And in my 20 years, I’ve missed them.I’m afraid that I will die and I will not feel true happiness, even for a moment.Somehow I always leave it to others.I say you will do what makes you happy, read books, watch movies, or whether this is true happiness-not.You know that feeling when you fulfill a dream, realize the desire which is not itself have always denied.When the sets of dice, when your heart jumped and her eyes glazed.Maybe I was looking for happiness because I possess the right to it, maybe she got.But also waiting for the deserved returns might not get.And to clarify one more thing, I’m a hedonist.But hedonism is not happiness.Hedonism hide grief, at least to me.Because I hate pity, because I’m not going to spend my days as the night crying, because I’m not going to see that I was broken to me so many times betrayed my friends, family, principles, ideals … I’m not going to see that I’m a loser.Or maybe just do not have the right not to happiness not sadness.Everything is relative only this pain that I want to disappear, which ignore or every breath you feel that there is not, maybe I was not really truly happy, or at least serene.They say that life is beautiful if the effort is but I also know that life hurts and without merit.Enjoy every moment of happiness because someone complains of missed opportunities, and do not know how it is difficult feeling.

P. S A moment of happiness I find lunch with the family, a birthday party, graduation, surprise … something that leaves no flash memories.

In the age of no regret for mistakes but for missed opportunities, and memories!

I forgive those who have escaped deserved happiness, forgive them day and night proplakane, which are not few.I forgive because I still believe in true happiness, hope she is.I do not want the pain of yesterday, to poison the heart and happiness pass by me, with the inability to feel it, in pain.Therefore forgive.603630_651125474943009_7533293585267129868_n


I grew up!Yee

Finally!For a long time I wanted to write but I did not know what, what to change so that I have more views,what you want to write to you …We need a change,to me, and you.I am aware that my texts are monotonous.I know,I not trying hard enough.This is what will change.

Secondly finally, I grew up, yeah!Meanwhile,I took 18 years,and now I’m officially an adult.And I sat down and thought about it.I’m at peace with my age.I wish that I’m older but I’m not.It should be known to carry „large“ and „small“ year.My desire for maturity taught me that I did not.I began to appreciate the youths and its beauty.I can be mature and 18, and I will not hide my age.If someone is not a big difference 12 years,then not even 17, if you so desire.But he doesn’t want ,I’m reconciled with that. 🙂 And as for my previous negatives, sorry.I asked myself, and I found myself.Nice to meet you, and would not have changed anything.But I came to a crossroads where I choose my path:Medicine, Serbia, Germany, literature, psychology, history…I don’t know what to do next.At one time a one wish, in the next second.Although I know I most want love, but this time no.Maybe I leave to chance and luck to play their own, or with some other games, I do not know.If you have advice feel free to send it to me, so I’m young, I need … 

Live and enjoy!

Life is Beautiful!Much nicer than you deserve!Enjoy your life while you’re lucky enough to be born!So you accidentally and easily come to life,a life you find so many flaws!Who can rejoice, has to rejoice!And who knows how to suffer, and often suffers for no reason!If you are obsessed with money,if you suffer because you are not rich,calculate and yourself:how many millions of dollars worth only one of your eye!Shame on you!You are extremely stupid and thankless!Do not tell me only about that-what you deserve you did not get.Because I can tell you-what you’ve got and you didn’t deserve!Live and enjoy!

Dusko Radovic(1922-1984)



I made a break, which lasted a little longer, but believe me it has been a much needed.I decided on new steps, some new battle.I believe more than ever that I will succeed.I do a „great editing“ in my life.I deleted the things that make me unhappy.I walked away from some people, not because they do not like them, but because they were quite hurt.I have learned some new lessons.This month was so good.Good month for holiday,decisions, the thinking and conclusions.Those were the days in which I enjoyed but I was rather sullen.And that’s a bad thing.Because if you do not move, if you’re standing around waiting for something big to happen, will not happen.Get off the couch and do something.Do what do you want.But do.Step by step, you’ll pass the miles.Slowly you cross the mile of your success.So you no one can bring you her back.Because you’re the distance traveled met every step.And then you’re happy, and with a little luck of life.Remember that happiness is built.Also, remember that you are a man, a good man, on this path of success.In the end, God will you reward  luckily.Believe!

Recommendation:Movie-Perfect professor,Book- Weekend of love

Birthday post

They passed two years ago.I Beautiful and sad.Last pending.Are you waiting for some event, free time, changes of a ….I do not waiting.From now create yourself a chance.My blog was created in a period of crisis in my life, and mostly I wrote when I was sad, then perhaps have a better inspiration.But from now on I will write more often, I will try to be more interesting, will be paid to blog.Because this is something I love,what makes me happy.And finally, the most important is that you’re happy right?Although I know that my posts have very few views, some even by one, I am grateful to every one that is separated a minute to read my text, and very much appreciate it means to me.Well thank you very much and I hope you will be more.

English is not my native language.So in how many mistakes, forgive me.I try, and I’m working to English, I know better.

And finally, my favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG2zyeVRcbs

Why do bad things happen to good people?

„Grey’s Anatomy“ is a series with which I grew and developed as a person.This is no ordinary series that you look to have a good time.This series is the life literature. This series, you learn a lot.And I did, mostly.Last night watching the latest episode in Fox Life-in.Crying.I know it’s a series, and I know that the actor Patrik Dempsi  is alive and well.I cry because the same thing happened in my life.Only I was not as strong Ellen Pompeo as in the series.I was crushed.On many small parts that I needed a lot of time and glue to collect, and I try again.Something that bothered me then and still is one question: Why? Why do bad things happen to good people?If anyone deserves to live then this is a surgeon who has saved millions of people, and he remains a man.If anyone deserves to live then is child.The child that life is not stroked, but a child who always wore a smile.They did not deserve his parents.Is this fair, whether this is right? Do not know.I think it is not.But I know that life is one and only chance we have.We do not know how long, we do not choose our roles or choose something what will be, good or bad.If we choose to be good, it will be more difficult.But we will be more valuable and more fulfilling.And know what, we will live a lot longer.And after death.Because the person dies only when everyone forgotten.A good man cannot be easily forgotten because of his work and live after him.And that’s why Derek would live still in the series and our #P in the reality of life, not nice but the only one we have.

For a long time, I did not write.Because I was not able to write about happy moments on the sad I no longer wanted.I resigned myself to the fact that some people make your life and when they are gone.I resigned myself to the fact that there is an injustice that hurts.But in spite of everything life is worth worth every moment it was good or bad, is worth every smile.Live everyday as the last because one day be.Do the things you want, let others what they say about you.Do not live your life according to the rules of form or because it is too short.And one more thing, be with the people you deserve, and absolutely always be yourself first.Good luck and have a good spring!


FIlm:The Imitation game( http://theimitationgamemovie.com )

Book:My last Duchess,Daisy Goodwin( http://www.daisygoodwin.co.uk/my-last-duchess-2/ )

My Last Duchess — Daisy Goodwin