Birthday post

They passed two years ago.I Beautiful and sad.Last pending.Are you waiting for some event, free time, changes of a ….I do not waiting.From now create yourself a chance.My blog was created in a period of crisis in my life, and mostly I wrote when I was sad, then perhaps have a better inspiration.But from now on I will write more often, I will try to be more interesting, will be paid to blog.Because this is something I love,what makes me happy.And finally, the most important is that you’re happy right?Although I know that my posts have very few views, some even by one, I am grateful to every one that is separated a minute to read my text, and very much appreciate it means to me.Well thank you very much and I hope you will be more.

English is not my native language.So in how many mistakes, forgive me.I try, and I’m working to English, I know better.

And finally, my favorite: