New Year

Today is the last day of 2013-the same year.The year in which I found myself.I have not changed, it does not.
But I started to believe in myself.I found true friends, rejected by all those who have hurt me.This is the year where I tasted the magic of success.Year in which some of my expression of pious wishes fulfilled.The year in which I plucked up courage for some important decisions.The year in which leaves those who do not deserve to be still there.This is the year that I became what I am.I do not regret my mistakes, thanks to them I am here.Thirteen is my lucky number, obviously.Thank you to all those who were injured.They made me much stronger and cold.Menu is a 2013-year was the best year of my life.I want my 2014-is at least half as good as this and I’ll be happy.
HAPPY 2014!Love,mistakes,wages,laugh,just live.