I made a break, which lasted a little longer, but believe me it has been a much needed.I decided on new steps, some new battle.I believe more than ever that I will succeed.I do a „great editing“ in my life.I deleted the things that make me unhappy.I walked away from some people, not because they do not like them, but because they were quite hurt.I have learned some new lessons.This month was so good.Good month for holiday,decisions, the thinking and conclusions.Those were the days in which I enjoyed but I was rather sullen.And that’s a bad thing.Because if you do not move, if you’re standing around waiting for something big to happen, will not happen.Get off the couch and do something.Do what do you want.But do.Step by step, you’ll pass the miles.Slowly you cross the mile of your success.So you no one can bring you her back.Because you’re the distance traveled met every step.And then you’re happy, and with a little luck of life.Remember that happiness is built.Also, remember that you are a man, a good man, on this path of success.In the end, God will you reward  luckily.Believe!

Recommendation:Movie-Perfect professor,Book- Weekend of love


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