Nikola Simicu,

I feel a moral need to write something about the late, great artist Nikola Simic.I also think that I am not worthy to write about this great man.Nikola Simic or Milenko Pantic if known after a cycle of films A Tight Spot.This role is our annoyed to climax but laugh to tears and bought it for all couples.Conjured up to us then the average family man with his concerns occupied the then regime.Personally, he favored his role in the series Love, habits and panicstarring mild dad who is in favor of the daughters, and all permits, such as in real life, mostly fathers.His voice, painted a different color is luring smiles as Bugs Bunny as little children, and adults.His role is the nicest blankets Ostojic, who started his attention to justice, in order to offset the absence of the family, which consists of his son, who is in the distant Australia but covered with kindness and gentleness.About his family life do not know anything because he was too large to be written about in the media now.He died quietly and unexpectedly.It left us speechless, but with countless tears and sighs.He gaves lots of movies, series, shows.And yet ever present in us, in our past as a symbol of childhood and laughter.Many thanks, my good man, let’s eternal glory and praise.

„Laughter is something most beneficial in the world because man laughing forget all the troubles.Have at it even for a moment, but that moment is precious because it is impossible for a human being to constantly be in tension.It is better that what is in it piled up behind for a laugh but as an appeal for help.

Nikola Simic

„He is the greatest actor since he was the greatest comedian. He had an unusual talent, cosmic energy and acting intelligence.

Ljubisa Ristic


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