Grandma Mileva

It’s been a week exactly since she left us a very special lady with a big heart.If I’ve learned anything this year, and it is to loose and that he will divorce my beloved people.Grandma Mileva was an unusual woman, dangerous for other people and for their best.Her life was not easy.But that was in it has never seen.Always smiling, my good grandmother.She was not someone else’s, nor touched but did not give her something to someone touching.Simply put.Some have therefore felt jealous, she’s such a, not nearly.She was very proud.My sister is my grandfather, my dad’s aunt.This may be proved by their smiles.She had a clear conscience.She is invisibles but always there for us all.She died quickly and quietly.Unexpected.She left behind a great loss and emptiness.The eternal home is escorted with dignity, like a real lady, what was in his heart.At the funeral of my uncle came in comforted me with words that will forever be remembered and selfishly keep them.She had cancer of the liver.For four years he had a pain in months bellies, never nobody complained.He just said that he can not, and is not.It shows her courage, self-sacrifice, the size.She died peacefully without torture.She is a mother, sister, wife, grandmother in the full sense of these words.Today is Holy Aranđel, the saddest so far in my life.Patron Saint of my uncle Slob and uncle Milan, Mileva’s son.Oh, how I loved those dates and days.Cold outside but on the inside am well pleased.Jokes and smiles, never end.Like the song.Even if the snowflakes come to us rejoice, for our joy is endless.But now there is no glory, no joke.No more of my uncle, not my grandmother Mileva.Everything was so nice last year.On this day, as well as the rest of us lack the immense but in my heart forever.Eternal glory and thanks Grandma Milevo.


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