I read an article on the Internet about a girl from India who has gone through a lot of humiliation, because there are a few more pounds.The company is rejected.She lost her family, confidence, friends, and finally himself.People are superficial.Judge others based on physical characteristics.And this is something bad in people.Each has its own qualities and drawbacks.But people should not marry because of appearance or material goods.If these are positive traits, people should love.Of course everyone has the qualities and faults, no one is perfect.Also, everyone should have confidence but not built on the humiliation of others.Need to seek faults in others and make themselves perfect.Everyone should be aware of its flaws.All we should do as much on it, because only if we invest in yourself do something lasting and significant.And of course, itself a better place.I need to show other people with vices or with a difficult character, to be good, because probably nobody taught them and they do not know to be good.Everybody’s heart has scars, we all went through something that has changed but by no means should be submitted vices, alcohol, drugs.Because then we lose everything.I can not get over old wounds, but they do still deeper.Something that makes people eat better love because you love it more.I do not judge others, because all people are absolutely the same, just different habits, customs, beliefs, religion …One more thing, there’s no better feeling than when you beat yourself, specifically when your weakness become your greatest weapon.
 „Becoming a man is more beautiful than to be king.