Missed moment of happiness

It hurts, each missed a moment of happiness.A moment of happiness that I have earned.And in my 20 years, I’ve missed them.I’m afraid that I will die and I will not feel true happiness, even for a moment.Somehow I always leave it to others.I say you will do what makes you happy, read books, watch movies, or whether this is true happiness-not.You know that feeling when you fulfill a dream, realize the desire which is not itself have always denied.When the sets of dice, when your heart jumped and her eyes glazed.Maybe I was looking for happiness because I possess the right to it, maybe she got.But also waiting for the deserved returns might not get.And to clarify one more thing, I’m a hedonist.But hedonism is not happiness.Hedonism hide grief, at least to me.Because I hate pity, because I’m not going to spend my days as the night crying, because I’m not going to see that I was broken to me so many times betrayed my friends, family, principles, ideals … I’m not going to see that I’m a loser.Or maybe just do not have the right not to happiness not sadness.Everything is relative only this pain that I want to disappear, which ignore or every breath you feel that there is not, maybe I was not really truly happy, or at least serene.They say that life is beautiful if the effort is but I also know that life hurts and without merit.Enjoy every moment of happiness because someone complains of missed opportunities, and do not know how it is difficult feeling.

P. S A moment of happiness I find lunch with the family, a birthday party, graduation, surprise … something that leaves no flash memories.

In the age of no regret for mistakes but for missed opportunities, and memories!

I forgive those who have escaped deserved happiness, forgive them day and night proplakane, which are not few.I forgive because I still believe in true happiness, hope she is.I do not want the pain of yesterday, to poison the heart and happiness pass by me, with the inability to feel it, in pain.Therefore forgive.603630_651125474943009_7533293585267129868_n


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