„Invocation of evil2:Anabel“

Last night, I looked great movie.Horror.This time I’m not throwing up but we shortened the life is.But I learned a lot from the horror.It’s called „Invocation of evil: Anabel“.The film is about the damn doll that comes in the new home of the family and the real chaos of their lives.After a series of horrific, bloody scene comes a happy ending.Translated from the metaphor, the film is about the evil that is all around us.This evil is the envy, greed, hatred.Such evil can only win the love, faith, perseverance and honesty.Perhaps the action of the film takes place in our, and in everyone’s being.In soul.For man is good if you have a soul.We evil we can not destroy it but we can not control it.Because we can not change their properties but they can be corrected, little by little.So should all of our bad side closed and try to use them as little as possible and that we can beat them and not those of us.Also, something that caught my attention is the comment of a lady on the foods they ate the boy next to her.She said: Uhh, it stinks, poof, fiercely suppressed.I could not believe that someone can say for food, whatever gives.I can not imagine how it was the young man who ate.If she is bothered she could just to get away.But we love to humiliate others, thinking they are doing themselves valuable, and in fact it degrades.Everyone is entitled to their choice.If someone’s choice of us do not like, do not have the right to offend or criticize anyone.Maybe some do not like any of our choices.Another thing that people in Serbia do not like diversity.If someone is different, then he immediately bad and my best.And yes, we really do not appreciate, do you see what we have, we see only what we have.I do not enjoy the small things, big things waiting to temporarily bring tremendous happiness but after it remains larger gaps.

About culture, and how everyone needs to look at your life that you do not write, because the end will not only be an even greater disappointment about the transience of human and shallowness.


2 мишљења на „„Invocation of evil2:Anabel“

  1. An inspiring post that reminds us of the evil within and around us. Of how and why we must try to seek the light and all things good. The movie does sound scary. Just don’t if I can still take watching horror suspense movies. I used to like them when I was younger but now, it feels like my heart if about to explode, like riding a roller coaster!

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