I’m sorry I neglected blog and I wrote a long time.I promise it will not happen again.

Something I learned from my father is that if you want to have a lot of money and a life of luxury in the beginning you have to work 18 hours, and you will less and less, conscience will be a peaceful and comfortable life and success certainly will not fail.Although I am a daddy’s daughter does not want to enjoy and doing nothing, so I undertook a number of obligations and tasks, so I have a lack of time.I started working with my sister for a company, which is cause for celebration.Success in school I was also very satisfactory, among the best I have.Let’s be frank, bad things around me there, but I have learned how to refuse them and that is very important for a happy and carefree life.You must decide what you want out of life and work on it as well as ourselves.All I wanted in 2014that I realized.I’m going your way happy and alone.One can absolutely everything in it if you have enough strength and desire, there is always a solution.Also, in order to achieve something great you have to submit a victim.I am your submitted and waiting for the award, which is one of the reasons why we should celebrate the 2014 th.As for the blog, I will write more regularly, I will write about some interesting topics.Maybe this year I open the blog and in their native language.Never say no.

This year I finished fasting, believing in God, Jesus Christ, in life, love, happiness, family.Please pardon for all their mistakes and sins.And what you want is that you have enough power to tempt your heart desires and dreams.Everyone a happy 2015-the year of my heart I wish!

P. S
All dear Catholics wish a Merry Christmas with some delay!

Sincerely yours