I grew up!Yee

Finally!For a long time I wanted to write but I did not know what, what to change so that I have more views,what you want to write to you …We need a change,to me, and you.I am aware that my texts are monotonous.I know,I not trying hard enough.This is what will change.

Secondly finally, I grew up, yeah!Meanwhile,I took 18 years,and now I’m officially an adult.And I sat down and thought about it.I’m at peace with my age.I wish that I’m older but I’m not.It should be known to carry „large“ and „small“ year.My desire for maturity taught me that I did not.I began to appreciate the youths and its beauty.I can be mature and 18, and I will not hide my age.If someone is not a big difference 12 years,then not even 17, if you so desire.But he doesn’t want ,I’m reconciled with that. 🙂 And as for my previous negatives, sorry.I asked myself, and I found myself.Nice to meet you, and would not have changed anything.But I came to a crossroads where I choose my path:Medicine, Serbia, Germany, literature, psychology, history…I don’t know what to do next.At one time a one wish, in the next second.Although I know I most want love, but this time no.Maybe I leave to chance and luck to play their own, or with some other games, I do not know.If you have advice feel free to send it to me, so I’m young, I need … 