Recipe for happiness:

 It is simple, really.Find a reason to smile at all.Bad things are ignored.Do what makes you happy, do not mind the environment.Their own place goals, do you not let your environment sets them.Or that depends on it.Dealing with those you love.Do not you be upset about things you can not change.Also, it is important to always be yourself in the first place.Help others in need.Be the cultural and brought up.Have fun and be.But some things you keep to yourself.Be a little open, more closed.Find the people who work for you.Negative people ignore.If you happen something wrong, tell will pass.Keep the faith.Find your serenity and peace.Enjoy nature and education.Do not ever do wrong to others or themselves.Be always honest.Then you will be happy, fulfilled, loving and self-sufficient.And remember, our happiness depends exclusively from us.
,, Go boldly forward! Because worse than death, nothing will happen, and death shall not escape.

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