Why do bad things happen to good people?

„Grey’s Anatomy“ is a series with which I grew and developed as a person.This is no ordinary series that you look to have a good time.This series is the life literature. This series, you learn a lot.And I did, mostly.Last night watching the latest episode in Fox Life-in.Crying.I know it’s a series, and I know that the actor Patrik Dempsi  is alive and well.I cry because the same thing happened in my life.Only I was not as strong Ellen Pompeo as in the series.I was crushed.On many small parts that I needed a lot of time and glue to collect, and I try again.Something that bothered me then and still is one question: Why? Why do bad things happen to good people?If anyone deserves to live then this is a surgeon who has saved millions of people, and he remains a man.If anyone deserves to live then is child.The child that life is not stroked, but a child who always wore a smile.They did not deserve his parents.Is this fair, whether this is right? Do not know.I think it is not.But I know that life is one and only chance we have.We do not know how long, we do not choose our roles or choose something what will be, good or bad.If we choose to be good, it will be more difficult.But we will be more valuable and more fulfilling.And know what, we will live a lot longer.And after death.Because the person dies only when everyone forgotten.A good man cannot be easily forgotten because of his work and live after him.And that’s why Derek would live still in the series and our #P in the reality of life, not nice but the only one we have.


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