Disaster in Serbia


ImageImageImageImageI feel obliged to write what is happening in Serbia.I do not know whether I will be able to be objective because I am immensely sad.

I cried two nights.You can not imagine how it is when you water destroy everything you have created for years.When cities disappear under water.When you fear for today for tomorrow.When you get to the swollen river, beside which you once enjoyed and now you tackle the country.When people die and you do nothing you can do.When you discomfort you not to peace.When you are wondering why this unhappy country that befalls and the disaster.But I must mention that you are proud of Serbia united, they make levees, dams cities, housing people, gather food, water, clothes Asylum seekers are thrilled mewho are among the first to be reported as volunteers,The Chinesewho shared free boots,Croats who, despite constant quarrel with us, send us help and Montenegrins,Jelena Karleushawhich raised a lot of help,Nelsonwho showed the hundredth time how big.Incompetent government as well as those that have robbed the people in the difficult moments do not want to mention because they are not that valuable.I feel bad that this entire disaster could be prevented or reduced, but not because the government was not aware meteorologists.As long as we choose an incompetent government and paying their guilds?Why does it have to happen something that would be agreeable?And remember that the channels are clean and do not represent the landfill.They say:,, The Passion of the familiar, heroes. „Serbia, the country you’re a hero.But it will not be enough to build from that of a new home, eating people.I’m proud of you, but we‘re also infinitely sad.I think this whole situation is a disaster that describe the following words:,,How sown so you pick. „But there are still plenty of good and brave people who suffer because of incompetent governments and jealous Serbs, so we ask you to help them, is sufficient smile, a warm word, bread and a bottle of water.Let them know they are not alone.Show your kindness.Serbs are good people just a late addition setae.For all those people who are rude at times like this show selfish and incompetent government, during the show, who is who.Thank you dear God, are few.
 Anyone wanting to help Serbia in this difficult situation, it can do this:
  •  blank SMS to 1003
  • adoption or sending canned food, water bottling, laundry, necessary items for personal hygiene, dressing the Red Cross of Serbia
  • all who want to help from abroad can pay money to the bank account:    

                -EUR :10221949711 84

                -USD:10221949717 66

                – CHF:10221949724 45

Societe Generale Serbia,Belgrade

Thanks in advance, M.

Let’s start!



They come as the days when you have to make a decision.Small or big decisions are tough.The days when your hard work and dedication fail.No luck.Explain what happiness is someone who is not me all week saw a ray of sunshine from working.Explain the factor of luck to someone who tries and approaches aimed at a goal eludes him.Do not give up or do better?As someone who does his best for what he does and nothing nepolazi him by the hand, what to do?Hopes and teaching.Or pack your entire life into one suitcase and embark on a journey to know themselves.That is, find themselves.Their freedom, happiness, love and contentment.Or maybe it’s a matter of what is true success difficult to achieve in a fake empire.Where is the effort but not the price reference.Where is fairly rare that battle wins.Where do you come from trampling the success of others.When we become such a society?Where is our morality?Because we’ve killed for centuries and refuses.Where vanished era in which honesty is more important than money?Where is the rest of our conscience?Where are stray pride and honor?Are we to become strange living creatures?What is man different from other living beings is that we may leave behind our work.Acts are houses, cars, swimming pools, cottages, restaurants, apartments.All this is transient.Acts as books, pictures, new inventions, songs, music.This is what we are leaving to future generations, everything else is changeable and transitory.Behind us remain profession, honor, reputation.Let all of us to take back.Do not brag shame.We lost between the centuries, wars, wealth.Let’s start today to order our lives, our society.Let each moment at least screwed into your heart and mind, not your wallet.For everything going in life and at the end of life, leave behind real values​​.That life is a gift from God for a reason.Let’s make something of it!                                        

                                                                                                                                                             With love Milica

,,There are two ways to live the life.One is as though nothing is a miracle.The other is as though everything is a miracle.“

                                                                                                                                                                       Albert Einstein




I will always be different from others.Because if it is merged with a bunch of other girls, I’d destroy him.I can be a girl like any other.For me it does not matter what you wear, but how we behave.I do not care that I know the whole city, it is important to me that they respect me know.As much as I laughed I will continue to say: I’m sorry, please, thank you.Because to me first of all make the man.Yes indeed, I can not merge with the crowd, I can not make fun of others.Should we exercise or pleasure is the popularity of the social networking sites?In addition to the many, small everyday little things like rain, nature, coffee.Do not listen to the song in which the text does not have any value, in addition to Adrea Bocelli?Should we be a favorite pastime of gossip, a book to read when I have to?Do not be arrogant with no respect for the elderly?If I really can not be like the others.I can not be hypocritical and I can not think to some and to insult him behind.As much as penance for that, I will not be like that.May the 21st century do not mind.I’m going God’s way.

„-For God, Efi, why can not you stay shalt be as the girls? -asks aunt
-Because the world is full of other girls.“Image