The last goodbye, that Rako!

Unfortunately, lately I’ve encountered with the death of loved people and the pain that remains.In April this year, has died at the sole and unique my uncle Slobo.I miss him.Too many.I’d give anything to see him again and hug.A  hug all I told him.How much I miss her and how much she means.But eventually you get used to live with the loss.The pain remains at the heart but you get used to live with him.No passes, and should not, if it passes, we’ll forget, like those who are no longer living in our hearts.In my heart holds a special place my uncle.

Just when I recovered, God reminded me of its existence.He took the legend of my childhood grandpa Raku.I was born in a town settlement, now living in the city.But the most beautiful place in my opinion is the village of my father.More specifically, the village from which my father.Here, where it is good to live, I spent a beautiful and rare days.With your family.In this family holds a special place grandpa Raku.It was a great gentleman.He was a cook.He knew and socialized with lawyers, doctors, politicians.He was known and respected.He was born way back in 1925the year but believe me when i say that this is the most modern man whom I knew.He went to meet future time.He always wore a suit and was altered by.There are plenty of anecdotes about him.He was a legend of a large village.Since I have twin sister holds a special place in the family.It was me and my sister and we loved it, and more.I will remember him by countless bouquets of flowers that we gave, cakes, compliments, fruits, especially grapes.And yes, I will remember him in his estate.He had a huge yard with even greater floral neck.He had four antique houses built of mud.But even a little bit old and ugly.But somehow always white and warm.When you step onto the property, you feel like you’re back in the 19 th century.Be amazed by you.When I write a story about it, do not dare pass on his wifegrandmother Radu.She went long before him.She died with my eight years.But,I remember not his pocket full of sugar for children and the esteem in which she was intended for the husband.It was a wonderful marriage, antique and beautiful.She died 26th of April and he 26th of August, fifteen years later.

Today, when we see him off on a perpetual memory, I had the impression that he deserved a bigger and better forgiveness but I’m used to let people forget quickly.Escorted by his loved ones.He had a son and daughter with their complicated relationship, but it is immensely loved, with all my heart.And yes, he hated anyone, nor have I heard that he used for an ugly said.Far from being a commoner like most farmers, I was as I said a true gentleman.Today, when he described someone said the following sentence, which will own story about him finish,, was good for second best for himself. „Life is beautiful and long life.I believe it is in heaven.Let this be a farewell story because the only way I know to make known their feelings.The last goodbye, that Rako!


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