I love to write, as it is known.So I will now write more about some of the everyday things.I will describe my summer holiday.I was on Vlasina.It is a beautiful landscape in the Balkans with the lake and mountains.It’s beautiful.Relax, forget about all the problems, find peace with yourself.While you can view extends over the rippling, clear blue water.Also, I was visiting my relatives, who are wonderful, traditional people.Read them was the best thing this summer.Unfortunately, I was with my mother and grandmother.I say unfortunately, because of all the possible ways of trying to ruin my vacation.Before, I would cry every day wondering where I have a mistake, why we have such a relationship, why they are such.I was unhappy.Then I realized that I can not change them but you have to make yourself happy.I have a life.I do not want nobody destroyed.I let them.I am at peace with it what they are.All of them have less in my life.It is better as well as make me unhappy.Because I do not want to live any way they want on a steady path, full of hatred.I renewed a friendship with another comrade sweeter childhood.She is someone we definitely beautify this rainy summer.I realized that life is beautiful, in spite of everything.I That they should enjoy the maximum of it.For the umpteenth time al never enough thank you daddy, March, sister and aunt are always there with me.I love you.

MoviesSnow White and the Huntsman;Fifty Shades of Grey
Series:High heels to the top(the novel)
Books:Carousel,Jelena Bacic Alimpic;Deception,Amanda Kvik
Songs:Because of you,Kelly Clarkson,Impossible,Shontelle,Someone like you,Adele





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