Goodbye, Todorovic Boro

The Immortal song

If you hear:I died,
I was a dear,
Then will you
once something become gray.
Eyelashes fog.
On the lips ashy trail.

Are you at all times
think what it means to live?

If you hear:I died,
here’s what will happen.

A thousand colorful fish
fluttering through the eye.

And the land will hide me.
And weeds will hide me.
And I will for this time
flying high …

Do you think my hand,
or head
may be tomorrow
root birch
il ‘the grass?

If you hear:I died,
can not do it.

On this earth I stopped
give you a wink.
To leave something
as swaying trail.
And so do not be sad.
So much I care
to stay in you
goofy and funny dear.

At night, the
when you look up at the sky,
you blink too.
Let it be a secret.
Despite the gray days
When you see a comet
the sky blushed,
remember, that’s what I still
silly fly, and live.
Mika Antic

On the seventh of July, stopped beating heart of a great artist and a man of Bora Todorovic.Bohemian who played naturally and easily.After his remains unique and great deeds, and of course his wonderful family.He died peacefully and that he lived.He has my endless admiration.
Farewell, great man!


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