Vengeance is causing revolt over injustice. All other evils which we suffer is nothing to this.

In the company of false values​​, injustice abounds.In such a society does not appreciate the effort and work, but coping and money.Here are harmed by those who care too much.Those with honor and pride.Awarded to people who have no value except material who are better players or you suitors.It hurts me every atom of my unfortunate body.I do not know how hurt injustice.Destroys body and soul.Torture.You’re afraid you’re going to suffocate in their own tears.While eyes do not dry out.Until we become a living corpse.Kill you, recklessly, their lies.I never dreamed that live this pain.It does not hurt the life of dishonor but a life guided by honesty and pride.They’re waiting for me big decisions and I have no desire to live, let alone success.Why in this country can not be hardworking, honest and dedicated people to bring success?Why goodness is futile?Why can not we be truly happy and not rewarded with pain for no reason?Back in the year .1930, Yugoslavia suffered a grievous injustice.In the final of the first World Cup Uruguay is over Serbia committed a grave injustice.Specifically, over our team, which is made ​​up of wonderful, good, inimitable people, who functioned as a real team.Cancels Are our goals, they beat us, no rules are not respected.We are proud people still have not played.We gave up on the second place because it did not belong to us.Belonged to us first, and that because of the enormous injustice we took it.I admire Uruguay in to be dishonorable victory to brag.I watch film dedicated to it.Place.Tears tears coming.I cry because of these wonderful people who gave a lot not get what they deserve.They are a great people.But little did me wrong.All year I was learning, she tried, she sacrificed it and I got a big fat nothing.Due to fraudulent people.Because we do not allow pride to play dirty.Because I have a cheek.Because you can not ask for something that belongs to me.I can not stand people who we did not even succeed to the knees in a dirty game.Must compete, as well as live.But I know that much of this country without a ‘value, there is a real system that appreciates the effort and work.If there is not, there is a God, I’m sure.He sees and knows.So do not repent, I will again give himself up in return if you do not get anything, because I believe that goodness and work, in the end always wins.This victory is permanent but its path is sleepy thorns, long and painful.But worth.Just be served.


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