First Birthday

I am thrilled.On this day, a year ago I opened a blog.One can say that since I lead a better quality life.I read many interesting articles.Much has learned.Written texts which we facilitate soul.In the world of immorality, there is little real value and art blog combines all somewhat nice and good quality.Writing a blog made ​​me very happy.I know, I do not have a lot of hits but every moment that someone removed to read my text very much appreciate.I promise to write more and more to devote a blog.I also promise that I will write about nice themes.As I said in the first post I would like to enroll in college in the U.S., stronger over time.I want to be part of a real and much better system than the system in Serbia.But I’m trying to get out as much of beauty here.For the past year I’ve read a lot of nice and interesting book, about which I write, as well as some movies.Finally, thank you to everyone, you made me very happy.

ImageWith love your Milica

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