Disaster in Serbia


ImageImageImageImageI feel obliged to write what is happening in Serbia.I do not know whether I will be able to be objective because I am immensely sad.

I cried two nights.You can not imagine how it is when you water destroy everything you have created for years.When cities disappear under water.When you fear for today for tomorrow.When you get to the swollen river, beside which you once enjoyed and now you tackle the country.When people die and you do nothing you can do.When you discomfort you not to peace.When you are wondering why this unhappy country that befalls and the disaster.But I must mention that you are proud of Serbia united, they make levees, dams cities, housing people, gather food, water, clothes Asylum seekers are thrilled mewho are among the first to be reported as volunteers,The Chinesewho shared free boots,Croats who, despite constant quarrel with us, send us help and Montenegrins,Jelena Karleushawhich raised a lot of help,Nelsonwho showed the hundredth time how big.Incompetent government as well as those that have robbed the people in the difficult moments do not want to mention because they are not that valuable.I feel bad that this entire disaster could be prevented or reduced, but not because the government was not aware meteorologists.As long as we choose an incompetent government and paying their guilds?Why does it have to happen something that would be agreeable?And remember that the channels are clean and do not represent the landfill.They say:,, The Passion of the familiar, heroes. „Serbia, the country you’re a hero.But it will not be enough to build from that of a new home, eating people.I’m proud of you, but we‘re also infinitely sad.I think this whole situation is a disaster that describe the following words:,,How sown so you pick. „But there are still plenty of good and brave people who suffer because of incompetent governments and jealous Serbs, so we ask you to help them, is sufficient smile, a warm word, bread and a bottle of water.Let them know they are not alone.Show your kindness.Serbs are good people just a late addition setae.For all those people who are rude at times like this show selfish and incompetent government, during the show, who is who.Thank you dear God, are few.
 Anyone wanting to help Serbia in this difficult situation, it can do this:
  •  blank SMS to 1003
  • adoption or sending canned food, water bottling, laundry, necessary items for personal hygiene, dressing the Red Cross of Serbia
  • all who want to help from abroad can pay money to the bank account:    

                -EUR :10221949711 84

                -USD:10221949717 66

                – CHF:10221949724 45

Societe Generale Serbia,Belgrade

Thanks in advance, M.

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