I will always be different from others.Because if it is merged with a bunch of other girls, I’d destroy him.I can be a girl like any other.For me it does not matter what you wear, but how we behave.I do not care that I know the whole city, it is important to me that they respect me know.As much as I laughed I will continue to say: I’m sorry, please, thank you.Because to me first of all make the man.Yes indeed, I can not merge with the crowd, I can not make fun of others.Should we exercise or pleasure is the popularity of the social networking sites?In addition to the many, small everyday little things like rain, nature, coffee.Do not listen to the song in which the text does not have any value, in addition to Adrea Bocelli?Should we be a favorite pastime of gossip, a book to read when I have to?Do not be arrogant with no respect for the elderly?If I really can not be like the others.I can not be hypocritical and I can not think to some and to insult him behind.As much as penance for that, I will not be like that.May the 21st century do not mind.I’m going God’s way.

„-For God, Efi, why can not you stay shalt be as the girls? -asks aunt
-Because the world is full of other girls.“Image



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